Setting the standard

Unleash the Power of AI Specialization

Imagine an AI assistant that speaks your firm's language, understands your unique legal approach, and anticipates your needs. That's the power of Truelaw's AI studio. We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we empower you to train AI on your firm's internal data and expertise. Through this process, Truelaw's AI becomes a specialist in your legal domain, generating outputs tailored to your specific needs.


Ai-assisted knowledge curation

Efficiently curate firm-specific knowledge, and combine it with public sources to enhance AI-assisted workflows.

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llm fine-Tuning via lawyer feedback

Train your AI application to reflect your firm's expertise, all without the need for deep technical skills.

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Secure and Hallucination-free

Deploy AI applications that are reliable and secure, ensuring your firm's intellectual property remains protected.

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